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Team-up with Logoskill to get your cleaning logo

The cleaning industry is rapidly expanding. This means more competition! Get an eye-catching cleaning company logo design with LogoSkill today. We offer

  • 1. Carpet cleaning logo
  • 2. House cleaning logo
  • 3. Cleaning services logo

And more.

Here are a few ways to create a sound cleaning industry logo.

What is your Competitor Doing

It is wise to keep track of what your competitors are doing when it comes to designing a logo. Are you both using colors that are too similar? Are you using the same image of a carpet or a detergent bottle to sell your brand? If so, it is time to reconsider. While a little similarity has never hurt anyone, having more than one similar element can confuse your target audience.

Consider how your Logo will Scale

While a logo is mostly viewed online these days, we don’t forget to keep scale in our mind before finalizing a logo. You probably have promotional merchandise, such as mugs and t-shirts. You may also have note-pads, business cards, and stationary upon which you would want to print your logo. It will be a bummer to have a springy and zig-zag logo appear on any of your promo material. It is a big no-no, as no one wants to own a disfigured merch item. This is why it is important to test run a logo before giving it a green signal.

Spruce Up

If you are an established business for many years, consider sprucing your logo up. By sprucing up, we don’t mean that you must change your entire look. We keep your key elements as it is because your audience recognizes them, and switch up one of the elements to contemporize your logo. The font style, color saturation, imagery vector can all be switched up, but not all at once. We change one element at a time to see if your logo appears revamped enough. Let us take a look at famous cleaning companies/products and how they fare with their target audience.


Jan0Pro was found in 1991. They provide a list of commercial cleaning services. Their logo is an ink blue brand name written in all caps with a green dot in the middle. This dot boasts sparkly clean alleyway imagery. This logo is a safe way to ensure potential customers that Jan-Pro is a reliable company that does its job well. The logo was able to convey this message because of the wise play of colors.


Harpic has developed a range of toilet and bathroom cleaner. It has now become a household name. Their logo is a red brand name written on a forward-pointing white arrow with a little sparkle on top. This logo reflects a task accomplished in a small amount of time (the arrow). This is what a homeowner wants, and this is exactly what the logo tells Harpic provides.


Produced by 3M, this company is home to abrasive products mainly for the kitchen and bathrooms. Their logo is a bright red brand name written in an organic font over a huge green-yellow ball. In our understanding, this is a ball of scum, dirt, and oil that Scotch-Brite products get rid of. It is pretty smart and innovative to create a logo like this. Scotch-Brite has several lines of products such as kitchen sponges, cleaning liquids, and mop. However, their logo remains the same, unlike most brands that have a slightly different logo for each product line.


Tide is a laundry detergent. It is owned by Proctor & Gamble. Its logo is a blue tide on a yellow-orange circle. Blue is highly contrasting in yellow. It appears extra bright on it. This is the reason why the artists chose this blue-yellow contrast in the logo. Just like the logo, Tide makes your clothes extra bright, Get it? The circles behind are very similar to a dartboard, which may denote that Tide never misses a stain. The tide is amongst the most sold laundry detergents in the USA.

You can now create your own logo on our automated logo generator. Just hop on to our website and get your hands on our vast library for font and imagery. Our easy to use interface ensures that you create your own logos in a hassle-free manner. You can create as many designs as you want. Our elaborative color wheel ensures that you can have any color that you can fit into your logo. What are you waiting for, get started today!

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