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Experts suggest that you put aside at least 15% to 20% of your total budget for marketing. Considering the importance of exposure and marketing in this age, you will not go for amateur logo services, no matter how large or small your business is. LogoSkill has a decade of experience in working with construction companies. Construction is heavy-duty work, and our clients demand that the logo should mirror this. Bold fonts and strong imagery are used while creating a logo for Construction Company. A logo is the face of your brand, and it is probably among the few things that a potential customer retains from your marketing campaign. This is why it is advisable to go for a professional logo design company to get your logo designed. The construction industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. It has seen a massive boom in growth over the last hundred years, and it keeps growing. A construction company logo is essential in getting an edge over the competitors. Let us see how major construction firms are going about designing their logos.

ACS Actividades de Construcción y Servicios S.A

Located in Madrid, Spain, this company is home to around 21,000 employees. Their notable work includes Torre Glories in Barcelona. Their building company logo has a deep blue background with yellow company initials written in the foreground. It reflects energy and dependability, just what you look for in a construction firm.

Hochtief Aktiengesellschaft

Found in 1874, it is a construction company located in Germany. Bosphorus Bridge is one of its most famous construction projects. Their construction logo is a stylized white house (not the White House) symbol on a blue background, which reflects sturdiness and security.

China Communications Construction Group Ltd

Found in 2005, this Chinese company generates the revenue of an estimated $70 billion per year. Yangtze River Highway counts amongst its most prolific undertakings. Their construction logo design is a stylized symbol and the company name in both English and Chinese. Their color palette is white and blue.


VINCI’s head office is at the impactful Rueil Malmaison, France. Among their most famous constructions in Louvre Museum’s entrance. Their red and blue construction logo with symbology gives an aura of stability and reliability. It also relates to patriotism, a driving force for the majority of companies to speak to their target audience.


Located in Vienna, Austria, Strabag has 76,000 employees. Strabag was founded in 2017 and its most noteworthy project is Alte Weser Lighthouse. Their building company logo is the sole text of the company name and a sub-text. Their logo is maroon and black on a white background. The logo gives an aura of solidity and cohesion, just what a construction firm should be.


Technic was founded in 2017, technic employs over 110,00 people. Their body of work includes FPSO Dalia. Their logo is highly futuristic and probably the most versatile in this category. They have two triangles, blue and maroon, over-lapping each-other in a way that can only be described as art.

Why must you choose LogoSkill?

Logo designing is a technical job. It not only requires you to be apt in the field of design, but you also need to speak to the sentiments of your target audience.

LogoSkill Taps into Human Emotion

If your logo rings a bell from an experience, you have struck the right chord with your audience. LogoSkill uses the power of sentimentality to your benefit in a construction logo design.

Tap into Nostalgia

Nostalgia is one of the most significant tools used in marketing to form a connection. Nostalgia is an emotional perception of time, and it takes you back to the past. Admit it; we have all wanted to feature in one of Andy Warhol's pop-art ads. We use images, color schemes, music, and logo to trigger nostalgia in their consumers. Using dated designs to engage a consumer demographic has been done by some brands, including Pepsi, Copper Kettle Bakery, and Starbucks.

Talk about Experience

Experience and memories play an essential part in associating a product with consumers. Construction companies can very well talk about experiences when they build homes, schools, and hospitals. This experience resonates with almost everyone. Creating a warm logo that people can relate to is something the designers at LogoSkill are good at!

Discuss Relations

The relationship between a parent and a child, siblings, and friends is one of the commonest ways of getting your point through logo marketing. We showcase the anthropological side of your business by highlighting ties and let the world know that it’s about people and not the products.

Think about Communication

A logo, a website, or an ad are communication in motion. Communication ensures that you are reinforcing the mantra behind your service or product in a wholesome way. Warm and reliable colors in a logo will most likely attract potential buyers to your construction company.


When you launch your logo, timing is crucial to your brand's success. Your design may fall flat on your consumers if you begin too early or too late. Work out a plan to figure the right time to launch your brand so that it speaks to your target demographic.

LogoSkill is home to seasoned logo designers who know their art like the back of their hands. Contact LogoSkill to get the best construction company logo today.

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