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Adding a mascot in your marketing mix is a statistically proven way of broadening your customer base. A mascot is your brand ambassador. It has a personality that agrees with your brand philosophy. Everything that your mascot is, tells your potential customers about what your brand stands for. This means that you need to be wise in choosing your mascot logo.

Here is a checklist of how a viable mascot logo should look like.

Sports Mascot Logo Basics

Look at basketball teams and their mascot logos. Los Angeles Lakers’ mascot logo is ochre and purple. It exudes tremendous energy and vigor. This is what a great sports mascot logo looks like, lively and animated.

The Art of Creating a Gaming Mascot Logo

Gaming mascot logos come in all shapes and sizes. Are you a game retailer? Or you are a software house that develops games? Are you a gaming cafe? Each sub-industry requires a different way of putting a logo together. LogoSkill has something for everyone.

Real Estate Mascot Logo Dos and Don’ts

Real estate mascot logos give an aura of reliability and dependability. A real estate mascot doesn’t have bright colors and wavy font. LogoSkill offers comprehensive deals in competitive rates on real estate mascot logos.

The Fundamentals of a Travel Mascot Logo

Travel mascots are generally depicted to be chatty and vibrant. They make travel all about fun and entertainment. Looking at a travel mascot logo must invoke adventurer in you. Putting this bright mascot in a logo is a tough task that LogoSkill is all up for.

All about Medicine Mascot Logo

Medicine mascots are usually in monochromes so that it is easy to locate them from a distance. Too many colors and fancy fonts confuse a person. Usually red or blue with white are used in medicine mascots and their logos. Contact LogoSkill to create a viable medicine mascot logo for your business.

Principles of Creating a Media Mascot Logo

You have the freedom to go all-in with a media mascot logo. You can be as bright or dull as you want. If you are unsure, choose LogoSkill so that we can get it done for you.

Technology Mascot Logo Essentials

Technology mascots are, you guessed it right, tech-savvy. Translate this in your mascot logo and you are good to go. Call LogoSkill today to get a quote on the technology mascot logo.

Key to Making a Consulting Mascot Logo?

Consulting mascot logos, like all other mascot logos, take inspirations heavily from the mascot itself. We study the mascot in detail and come up with a logo that has finesse. Ring us with your logo requirement today.

How to go about Retail Mascot Logo

The best route to create a retail mascot logo is to hire a designer. You can also create your retail mascot logo on LogoSkill's Logo Maker.

Let’s take a look at some cool mascot logos created by professional designers.

Chester Cheetah by Cheetos

Chester Cheetah is the official mascot for Frito Lays’ Cheetos. In appearance, Chester’s logo is a funky looking big cat that boasts big sunglasses and white sneakers. He has an air of cool confidence that is accentuated by his bright orange color. His engaging mascot with blue, white, orange and black as main colors in the palate is a surefire success amongst the kids and the young adults.

Colonel Sanders by KFC

Colonel Harland David Sanders laid foundations of the fast-food chain KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). His name and image are still used as symbols of identification by the company in its logo. Colonel Sanders’ mascot logo is a cheerful, middle-aged man who supports a white goatee. He wears a white pantsuit and a red KFC apron over it. He also wears a pair of glasses and a black bow tie. In pop culture, he has made appearances in animes. Col Sanders' personality is warm & welcoming, exactly how you want a fast-food chain mascot to be. His logo is a stylized version of his persona against a cardinal red background.

Mario by Nintendo

Mario is the official mascot for Nintendo games. According to Nintendo, “he is the mustached hero of the Mushroom Kingdom.” Mario’s basic color scheme is blue and red with yellow and white accents. He is stout and sturdy which helps him in being quick. His mascot logo translates his energy and passion well with the help of color and organic shapes. This appearance makes him the best video game character for kids and adults alike.

Julius Pringles by Pringles

Pringles are wheat-based chips that gained popularity because of its unique taste and packaging. The chips’ mascot is a stylized cartoon of Julius Pringles. He supports a large mustache a mid-parted hair. Until 2001, the mascot had a bow tie and eyebrows too. Julius was created by Louis R. Dixon. The mascot logo fits well on the Pringles Can and is easily recognizable almost everywhere in the world. The less-is-more approach has made the logo simplistic which is easy to remember. It is important to remember that you have to print your logo on a variety of shapes and surfaces. Creating a high-quality logo makes sure that it doesn’t warp while printing.

Tony the Tiger by Kellog’s Frosted Flakes

Since its debut in 1952, Tony the Tiger has become a household name when it comes to breakfast cereals. His appearance is a more humanoid tiger than an actual tiger. He walks to on two feet and gives an aura of a muscleman. This means that the logo is sending off the message that eating Kellog’s Frosted Flakes is the healthiest decision you can make for your breakfast.

LogoSkill has years of rich experience when it comes to mascot logo design. Our team of seasoned logo designers knows how to appeal to the senses of your target demography. We offer economical packages and a money-back guarantee so that you are completely satisfied with the end product. Contact us today to get the best mascot logo in town for your brand.

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