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Logoskill helps to make voice over that produce measurable Results

Videos are a fast and convenient way of putting your point across. Nobody is interested in reading boring blocks of text! The narrator behind your video can make or break your content. Voice-over narrations at LogoSkill allow you to effectively provide information to your audience in an engaging way. Our diverse team of voice artists is fluent in major international languages, including English (British and American), French, Spanish, Chinese and more. Our voice-overs have:

  • Balanced Articulation
  • A Consistent Narrative Voice Which Doesn't Fall Flat
  • A Neutral Diction That Is Not Over-powered By Accent
  • Correct Pacing Of Punctuation

Voice Over Services at Logoskill

A professional voice-over can add an interactive dimension to your marketing mix that can get your brand noticed by potential buyers. A voice-over actor can incorporate the right promotional tone in your videos that gives character to content. Your audience can easily identify with your brand because a distinct voice-over helps clients remember your products and services.

Many businesses opt for computer-generated voice-overs. Where this option can be relatively economical, it backfires on your publicity drives for the most obvious reason: an AI voice doesn’t provide the human connection.

Voice-over actors at LogoSkill have a career based on years of experience. Here is what you get when you hire our professional voice-over services.

Natural Articulation

You want the voice behind your videos to be relaxed and natural. A good voice-over is not monotonous and doesn’t feel like reading unless that’s what your brand is looking for. There has to be a nice flow to speech, and filler words are absolutely a no-go area.

Good Pacing

Pacing is highly crucial for a balanced voice-over. When a voice actor tells a story or narrates a commercial, they know they are on a time limit. Voice actors at LogoSkill know that they can't rush it even when they have 10 seconds to narrate a line. They know how to pace themselves following the time limit they have been given.


Your entire video hangs in the balance of the voice actor’s clarity. Whether your ad requires shouts, whimpers, or whispers, the voice actor needs to speak with clarity regardless of the emotion they are voicing. LogoSkill’s voice actors are trained in molding their vocals with the situation without losing clarity in exerting a specific sentiment.


Enunciation is perhaps the easiest way to gauge the talent of a voice actor. It's okay to get tongue-tied in a while, but if a voice actor sputters through the recording, they are not the right fit. You should hear words clearly in a video, which is where most of LogoSkill’s training comes in. Even at a fast pace, our voice-overs are clear as a day.

Flexibility and Versatility

One of the important questions to ask a voice talent is: What kind of characteristics your voice possess? Can they change their tone and play a villain as easily as they narrate a medical infomercial? Can their tone go from excitement to melancholy in a jiffy? For the voice actors at LogoSkill, it can.

Whether you are looking for voice-actors for audiobook voice-over, corporate voice-over, or radio voice-over, LogoSkill has a trained team of voice artists to serve. Hurry up and book your slot with LogoSkill today and get your hands on one of our economical voice-over packages. For further information, call on (949) 214 4431, or email us at

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